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Have you routed for success?

Rider demand has never been greater—and it’s never been easier to meet. Esri offers a flexible, location-smart platform that pulls all your information into one performance-enhancing database. So you can do more than see your assets on a map. You can optimize public routes by integrating AVI with time schedules. Plus, adapt to urban events that affect daily operations. That’s routing for success.

" That first map showed the potential of a comprehensive view with layers that could be toggled on and off, according to the needs of every department. "

Travis Engstrom, Office of the Chief Information Officer, BART



Keep riders loyal with maps that unlock their patterns. See how they use your service to leverage more out of existing infrastructure.

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Accurately forecast rider demand to model your next expansion or improvement plan. Incorporate all relevant data for optimized planning.

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Esri Community Analyst

Understand the location and behavior of populations. Plan more strategic services around your highest-value opportunities By visualizing who needs what service where, you can continually improve and expand your route plans.

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ArcGIS Network Analyst

Solve complex routing problems with the click of a button. ArcGIS Network Analyst offers a configurable transportation network model, so you can plan the routes that maximize the value of your resources and best serve customers. Calculate drive times, locate critical facilities, and solve network-related problems with this proven solution.

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ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS makes your whole network perform better. Enhance high-level strategy with powerful, location-based analysis of your big data. Pre-configured analytical models in ArcGIS have proven value. They give public transport officials a more defendable means of planning performance strategy for smarter, faster decision-making.

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